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Leadership, Perspectives, Organization, Compensation

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Who are VPSAs?

VPSAs are a diverse group of leaders who manage complex student affairs divisions in the dynamic and challenging environment of higher education. Our interactive database explores the background of VPSAs, and the structure of the divisions they lead at their institutions.

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Salary Tool

Explore salary data for VPSAs, Associate and Assistant Vice Presidents (AVPs), and Director-level functional area leads. Customize your search criteria to include demographics, institutional characteristics, geographic region, supervisor title, and number of direct reports.

  • 55%

    Percent of VPSAs who have been in their position for 5 years or fewer

  • 25%

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  • 20

    Number of functional areas housed in the average student affairs division


As a special member benefit, NASPA Voting Delegates have complimentary access to exclusive reports, presentations, and research findings based on the results of the annual VPSA Census. Login for access to this exclusive content.

Voting Delegates

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